Privacy Policy

1. The present Privacy Policy is meant to secure the feeling of safety for each Service and Website user. Using the Service and/or Website is synonymous with accepting the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

2. The definitions used in Privacy Policy should be understood as following:

a) User – a natural person visiting the Service and/or Website,

b) Administrator – the data administrator is Advise Sp. z o. o. based in Gliwice, Dworcowa 25, 44-100 Gliwice, and registered with the National Court Register in a Regional Court Gliwice, 10th Economy Division under the entry number KRS 0000772715, NIP 6342951718, REGON 382616831, e-mail address:

c) Website – a page found at

d) Service – an internet platform found at

e) Privacy Policy – the present document.

3. In order to provide a better understanding of the Privacy Policy, the notion of a ‘User’ has been replaced with ‘You’, and the ‘Administrator’ with ‘We’. The abbreviation ‘GDPR’ corresponds to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (UE) 2016/679 dated 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing the Directive 95/46/EC.

4. The Administrator advises using the latest versions of internet browsers. Provided the User uses an older version of a browser and/or other than the latest ones that are available, the Administrator does not guarantee proper functioning of the Website and/or Service.

§ 1

General Provisions

  1. The data, including personal data are obtained by the use of forms left by while visiting the Service and/or Website.
  2. We process data such as: full name, e-mail address, IP address.
  3. Personal data are processed:
    a) following regulations on the protection of personal data,
    b) following the implemented Privacy Policy,
    c) for the purpose and within the range of executing the service related to analyzing a given, target website and generating a report recommending changes to the target website so as to improve the conversion factor,
    d) for the purpose and within the range necessary to perform justified business activities (legally justified), and the processing does not breach rights and the freedom of the person to whom the data refer,
    e) for the purpose of sending marketing information (commercial information) in the form of a newsletter.
  4. You have the right to demand from the Administrator:
    a) the access to the personal data that refer to You,
    b) to rectify it,
    c) to delete it,
    d) to limit the processing of it,
    e) and to transfer it.
  5. You provide your personal data voluntarily.
  6. The data is transferred to third countries following the regulations on the protection of personal data. It means, the data is transferred beyond European Union.
  7. The coordinator on matters related to the data protection is: Paweł Sałajczyk address: ul. Mikołowska 51, 40-067 Katowice, e-mail address:
  8. We reserve the right to process your data till the consent withdrawal, however no longer than 3 years.
  9. Deleting personal data may be executed due to consent withdrawal or legally justified objection to process it.
  10. We reserve the right to process your personal data after you withdraw your consent to do so, only for the purposes of a litigation process or provided national, EU or international regulations oblige us to retain the data.

§ 2

The Administrator of Personal data

  1. Personal Data Protection is executed following generally accepted legal regulations and the data are stored on secured servers.
  2. We respect the right to privacy and we care about data safety. Thus, while using the Service or Website the Secure Socket Layer is used among others.
  3. The personal data provided in the Service and/or Website are considered and treated as confidential, consequently the data is not visible to third parties except the Administrator, units cooperating with the Administrator or individuals authorized from the Administrator’s side.
  4. Personal Data is being processed only by authorized personnel or the processors that we closely cooperate with.
  5. The Administrator may entrust the personal data in order to provide teleinformatic service or to store the data on a server. The entrustment refers to certain groups of recipients: CRM type systems, CMS, systems for direct marketing, payment operators, and analytical systems.
  6. We hereby, declare to provide successful guarantees in order to secure the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures so as the processing meets the standards of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing the Directive 95/46/EC (later on referred to as GDPR) and to protect rights of people to whom the data concerns.
  7. We declare the following:
    a) to process the data solely on a documented wish of the Service’s and/or Website’s visitor. The above concerns the dissemination of personal data to a third country or an international organization – unless it is stipulated by the EU law or a member country law to which we are a subject.
    b) to guarantee that all the authorized personnel appointed to processing of personal data is obliged to keep it confidential,
    c) to undertake all possible measures required by article 32 of GDPR,
    d) to follow the terms of use related to using the service of another processing unit, as stipulated in the article 28 para 2 and 4 of GDPR.

§ 3

Personal Data Protection

  1. Both the Service and the Website use cookies. Cookies are small text files send by the www server and stored by the software of a computer’s browser. When the browser connects to an internet page again the Service and/or Website recognizes the hardware type used by the User. The parameters allow reading the information included in the cookies only by the server that has created them. Thus, cookies enhance the usage of websites formerly visited.
  2. Stored data concern the IP address, type of the browser, language, type of the operating system, internet provider, information on time and date, location and the information send to the Service and/or Website by the use of a contact form.
  3. Cookies that are processed analyze anonymous information concerning the Service and/or Website usage. Cookies contribute to the improvement of functionality of the Service and/or Website and to a better adjustment to the needs and expectations of the visitors. Cookies collect anonymous information, and observe the tendencies occurring in the Service and the Website without identifying particular individuals. Analytical tools use their own cookies in order to analyze visitors’ activities. Those cookies are used to store information e.g. the time the session begins, whether it is the first visit or not, which website was visited right before, the screen resolution parameters, how the visitor navigates through the site, etc.
  4. Each visitor to the Service and/or Website should manage the cookies by adjusting settings of their internet browser. If you do not wish to use cookies you may stop saving them on your device or permanently delete them. However, this may deteriorate the operation of the Service and/or Website due to the lack of gathered cookies and consequently failure to read the information based on them.
  5. Our Service and Website use the following types of cookies:
    a) ‘necessary’ cookie files, allowing for the use of services available within the Website as well as maintaining the session of the Service and/or Website User;
    b) ‘functional’ cookie files, allowing for saving settings selected by the User;
    c) ‘advertising’ cookie files, allowing for provision of commercial information , more suited to users’ interests;
    d) ‘statistical’ cookie files, allowing for collecting statistical information about the visitors to the Service and/or Website.

§ 4

Cookie information

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